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" Dad's face was a bit stiff, and looked at her "Angel ah, they do not come with the same as yesterday, she is your sister, sister Jojo, I told you ah." He looked still smiled and nodded, "Well, sister, I know you're going to the provincial capital." Yun my mind behind my aunt looked inside, Zhuo scene lying on the couch, his eyes tightly shut, but his face pimple Liangliang still a little bit older. Give me grandma shorts when I was told a lot, mainly to tell me not to be afraid, more afraid the more they will be furious, and I feel for complete pants finally a good point, looking at her: "basking you are using shoes to play Fengxia go ah. Grandmother pulled him, "You'll corpuscles, this thing does not ah, if three lame saw this wooden club, and he'll let you get back to Long Johnson.

" I looked out the window, "basking, county real buzz. But I saw, a long-haired woman, her head crooked where stockings wrapped around his neck, tied the other end of the stockings on the tie rod above the toilet, legs in the bathtub half kneeling, face toward the we stared at the blood-red eyes, stretched out his long tongue. ladies Nets jerseys " I carefully to what you just saw the child's place looked really nothing he shook his head, thinking, seeing things may be true. Then again drinking grandmother, she said that day seven or eight bottles of drink, after drinking that other people did not dare cents down, also dedicated to the fairy grandmother finally qualifying to get, and now think should be our house cents in people with the fairy in provocation, but the fairy still no movement. ladies nfl jerseys

" I see grandma this is really going to take me to the provincial capital, heels rushed toward the door, anxious grandmother behind me shouting "Long Jiao ah ah you going, while good to eat !!" Beside her grandfather should be the "Children do not want to go, I am not happy to see her grandmother that is not matter!" I certainly do not, I just think I'm going to the provincial capital, the heart of this strange feeling I will go for a long time, feeling very strange, similar to the sixth sense, so I want to go with the children say hello, tell him I'm going to the provincial capital, and so I came back to look for him to play. ladies nfl jerseys wholesale I felt the cool air, all of a sudden I hit a let Ji Ling, and instantly felt his thigh stalk a hot surge crashed liquid flow out. ladies Mavericks jerseys " Grandma said, pointing to the hand of her mother Tracy legs. I followed the grandmother had left the house, her husband Tracy welcome out, "aunt, you quickly go to see it. Then, three lame stumbled ran out of the house from my house, a look of panic "help ah !!" I'm a little fat, ignorant, do not know three lame this is how I saw him staggering rushed to the yard, it seems that the general madness, some villagers stand in the yard of the automatic spread out, to make him a piece open space, he did not run out, a pair of eyes stare boss, kept in place shouted "help ah! help me quickly !!" The villagers also told me about the face, another whisper muttered "He is a loud noise, loud noise with mental illness like got?" "That's a good horse aunt home is casually into, is not rushed to the Han.