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" Grandmother sneered "The youngest, you know your legs are my help rule ah, Today, I'll put it to you, then, that wooden club in my home for that fairy-bit yet, if you are not afraid of death, you get. This is not the same as it easily you can not see it, you talk to her what she kinda normal, but she spoke she would like their clothes to come off, this piece of children who are basically seen phoenix Xia child of big breasts." Everyone was shocked, because we all saw that shadow, especially soul sister, she jumped out of the shadows, pointing to the direction of Zhang mouth, "what it is ." "I am tall, ah, I do not like the dress!" I said loudly." "Trouble what, I just do this trip, also helped to look all right, thank you take care of the Juaner." I looked at her as you feel afraid, then just think of her strange reaction, a woman has just finished her husband actually went to the river to take a bath, how to think how wrong ah, but also forced me to wash my Shenglayingzhuai get the river, swollen tightlipped about his face looked at me, "Jiao Long, aunt sure you wash clean children's ah." "This is how the. ladies Magic jerseys

Who knows just move my feet, my grandmother on the side pulled tightly, looking at the soul sister "spiritual ah, since the child's illness reading, we went back ah. ladies Kings jerseys " I also stood up "Your father so soon and find a ah, you can stepmother to you, please. ladies Knicks jerseys " Zhang Junxiu face that really made me surprised for a few seconds, I swear I have never seen him again look better than boys or men, but his attitude makes me very unhappy, I stalk the stem neck, loudly said, "I not a wild kid, I was Ma Jiao Long! " "Dragon?" He looked at me, snorted disdain "Do you know what I call it. Grandma then exhaled a long breath, then opened his eyes to see Xu Gang, "She's gone. I looked back to where ginseng dug, lying on the ground and looked at the three lame, weeping while Saya Zi ran down the hill." Then, peel the egg into the bowl in my "eat.

I frowned, listening inside Zhuo Wei openings should be a grandmother, then, "I suggested, after the child's development and other sound or do the surgery, the first child is now very vague awareness of gender, followed by hormone metabolism in the body after surgery, she will appear problems must be long-term hormone therapy, which is the child's body and mind have a great impact. "What is true hermaphroditism ah?" My grandmother did not understand the words, but the feeling is not what the word deformity nice." I took grandma fed to the fork, a bite instant noodles, looked up at her, "basking, why do you say that the mind must be the first child born sister ah, refers soul sister pregnant yet. "You mind good sister." I listened Sidongfeidong grandmother, then, what is not so mouth say, grandma off my clothes looked, frowned, and then ripped off a little ginseng that Suko, prayer and worship, carefully take faucet to wash it for a moment and gave me "eat." Grandmother direct waved, interrupted soul sister, then took a deep breath and looked at her, "the mind, we do not talk about this, the children do not know that, no matter Zhashui, two days Thank you, ah, we still lead the progenitor Sun both live such a good hotel, I have not lived this life to such a good child.