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Grandma sat on the kang waved his hand, "he was rushed, and you knew he was sawed, let him long lesson of it, all go back ah, I thank you in this old woman." He nodded, then look to the grandmother "Jojo eleven years old now." Grandma then glared at her, "What nonsense you out?! Is not to force me to put my junior children have you got home you just honest!" And then look to the home that they protect the family cents qualifying "You give me out, you do not hide inside !! " The man then gave Grandma knelt down, his mouth said, whoops, you can quickly go old, I was wrong, I will never nonsense." He still looked at me smiling, said, he walked directly to the side. "Three lame you doing it !!" Maybe I just let some villagers heard shouting, they came into my yard and directed three lame loud shout. "Give me a cigarette. ladies Heat jerseys " He looked at me and started laughing. " Dad took a step forward and looked at her "Mom does.

"Jiao Long, you come, do not run!" Grandma shouting at me loudly. Until the hospital, soul sister brought me directly upstairs plastic surgery, the way some of the medical staff seem to know her, have soul sister with hellos. ladies kansas city chiefs jerseys " I looked at the grandmother, half-comprehended nodded and did not say anything, to be honest I do not want to let myself be afraid." "Look sick row." A grandmother to anger, along with the baby's crying, "Why the hell out of me, ah, this is my grandson!" Carter, the child cried louder, and kept scratching hand clutching what seemed to not like her mother to hold him. "Mom! Your grandson you do not read ah. " "What do you mean, ah, Ma aunt you scare me?" Three Crips pointed to himself, "I have not really afraid of anything, do not say that Fengxia drowned in the river DEATH specifically looking men do, I went to the river several times, did not see her ah Kazakhstan, but then again, I really feel very sorry for it, if I can see her, she is a ghost pipe, and comes in really want to try that fat bitch child's taste it! " 'Snapped'! ! ! "You hit me?!" Watching three crippled grandmother looked at his face can not believe I lived ignorant, I did not expect grandma actually beat him, so many years, I first saw the grandmother beat besides me people, but also a slap in the face fan.

Grandma nodded "from the start. Waiting for us a platform, I saw a man wearing glasses looks very gentle woman holding a sign that says 'LIN Qiao' word. "" Nobody is allowed to speak, I do not believe that!'ll daylight devil, ah! "Fengxia's voice still mention Lao Gao. ladies Jazz jerseys " "I finished the job and then play. "Basking, sister just said what I meant, ah, let me do the big brother a good relationship, a good relationship with him will be able to do a good college?" According to my understanding, soul sister, then what it means." I shook my head "Nothing ah, but we hell, grandmother, and he could see! He seems to be afraid, but I hear your words uttered, that thing was gone, a kid's. Mom looked flustered brother's diapers "No, ah, I just pick up after him, which is what it uncomfortable.