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Fengxia drowned, in our talk is violent death, but is not dead outside the door, you can not have a funeral, so on the river simply burned burning paper, be sent to send, I woke up when this thing is over. When I stumbled woke up and found my clothes had been off grandmother, who also cover the quilt, the room was dark, the night has been deep, I would like to turn over and go back to sleep, but heard grandma with grandpa whispered positive to say these words." I looked out the window, "basking, county real buzz. ladies 76ers jerseys Not two months, after another river that drowned two big men, pulled up after all naked and eyes wide like a big brass bell, for a time panic, are said to be made Fengxia demon, as long as a single man to the river, you can see her naked in the swimming, the men look at the water she will be the DEATH. But the children really cute, I have not seen him so beautiful child, always little face flushed, smiling like a happy baby, who is pretty instinctive things like, moreover I also saved two children times. " "No, you are a boy, Jiao Long, you have been a lie, in fact, you are a boy. Grandma pulled me, looked at my father, "ambition, the child in our country used to wild, so to speak, like a kid was like, and so went to the big city looked like a doctor. ladies browns jerseys

" Zhuo Wei shook his head "No, you do not know, aunt to say ah." I slowly opened his eyes, eyes the scene again almost scared the pants of urine, "Grandma! Snake !!!" No wonder three lame will to roll on the ground, rolling on his plot of land, packed full of snakes, those colorful snake wrapped around him, have him strangled, I see Mao Duli up covered in sweat ." He still looked at me smiling, said, he walked directly to the side. ladies Bobcats jerseys "Jiao Long, you woke up. They open in the ward had a brief family meeting, grandmother directly show their own ideas, "the child must not be, this is the cure all rule can not afford ah, ah this is a Sangmen star !!" Mother cried no idea, or my father said a word, "the doctor said the child was not living it down, we would let it take home, if not survive then so be it, we can not to strangle, which I species." But she did not see it, I still remember her grandmother sitting in a wicker chair on the promise I made to see the scene of dollars it.

" Soul sister says , and again looked at me, "Jojo, do you like it here. " I am stunned, "said Feng-xia aunt did so yet." "The three children can not say lame things right. The so-called 'monster', that is, men and women who have long guy thing, not a real time determination of sex, in terms of now, is called bisexual people, but in those days, thought I was a freak. ladies Blazers jerseys " Soul sister froze a moment, then nodded "Yes ah." Xu said dollars, look into my eyes, cleared his throat, "At that time I did not know, so I will speak to blind, but I think you're so good, in fact, whether you are a boy or girl, you Jiao Long is on the line, is my good friend on the line. I did not think my father actually lived in a family detached homes second floor of a small building, in the county should belong to good condition, with his mother and grandmother lived on the first floor, an aunt, and sister live at on the second floor.