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" I am stunned, "said Feng-xia aunt did so yet. Only the door of the pier child, as well as the fields and mountains is our real life normal, when one day I stepped on one pair of grandma bought me a new plastic sandals walking in the tall platform when, I thought the excitement was indescribable, a pair of eyes just keep watching, always seems to have endless." Said, also took out an envelope from his pocket and handed grandmother "took this money, we must surmise Well, I have to contact the hospital finished, Joe Joe sister just that in practice, you go directly to her on the line, I let her pick you up at the station, time to arrange your stay or something. Early the next day, come to put me up to none other than the brother sister is three lame." He still looked at me smiling, said, he walked directly to the side." Grandma's eyes immediately soft down, looked at me and sighed, hand touched my head, "Johnson dragon ah, grandma told you, then you have to remember, grandmother to Hello's, you know, not grandmother I hope you have something in the future. Zhuo Wei nodded "yes ah, ah two girls early looks, the girls in your class is not a little higher than boys, ah, do not like to wear a skirt that belongs to personalize it, so you like to wear it when beauty a." "Mom, mainly my mother here waiting for you to come back, you have to toss to give a look, really troublesome ah.

Zhuo unicorn see my back staring at the corner, he bent down to pick up the bag, looked at me a little afraid to believe "black monkey . Knicks official shop "I have no name. " I think this soul sister say people listening quite comfortable, but she looks also good to see, that weak, Wen Wen quiet, was wearing rimless glasses, looks very cultural conservation, but also the name nice, mind." Grandma shook his head "spiritual ah, this place is not suitable for us to live, we are in rural areas over, this is not money spoil you, you get your money back ah these objects, one night we went to live twenty inn on the line, I Jiao Long with which can make do in one night. Knicks jerseys women " Grandma nodded his head "like any money, where also used with anything else." "When given ah. I grunted expressed emotion, did not answer.

" I carefully to what you just saw the child's place looked really nothing he shook his head, thinking, seeing things may be true. Knicks jerseys youth " Some grandma grandmother looked suspiciously "This is not a big age people normally do, then talk to young children than the Manner of yet." I shook my head, "not afraid. Knicks nba jerseys Grandmother behind me in his arms "Well, it seems that we do not come, anyway, I should say also say, we'll go back, and you'll make it." "Grandma and grandpa to eat not spoil you!" I'm a little anxious." Waiting for the elevator to mind sister took me her grandmother down the long corridor hotel, took my grandmother, the pace suddenly stopped, looked at a soul sister "spiritual, we are to live in this layer do. you, you just saw it?" 'Ding'! "What voice!" He came up and hugged me, just now looks mighty different person.