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" Grandma frown "have to give your mother to suppress ah, or else she was all right up your old home days there, okay?!" At the end, grandmother and told the words, "Do not forget to buy a point of incense burning paper, and quickly go. not live down ." Grandma looked at me, mouth faint Road, "the old home Xianer opinion that should get you into the thing." "You are in rural areas, ah, that is the Ferris wheel, sitting play, and sitting on top overlooking the city is especially beautiful scenery it. Knicks game jerseys " Grandma looked soul sister smiled gently "hard Shaa, we did not so much about children in rural areas, is Sahuan children, Jiao Long by my side I picked up this is a treasure. I bit his lips, has been silent tears, I really do not want to let the grandmother because I was angry, because I know my grandmother is a favorite person in the world." Until the train, I was still in shock that were at home watching TV, I also saw the car, ah, ah nice buildings, busy streets or anything, but always felt that people live on TV is fabricated.

The only clear is that this is certainly not a good thing, can not be otherwise Fengxia a beating, but I feel the most promise is implicated in dollars and tigers because tigers promise dollars with more and more dirty clothes, grandma says that is because no one to wash, and finally sighed grandma will still say "sin ah." Grandma looked at me, "Jiao Long, when a girl how wonderful, grandma like girls, and you are so big, has always been a girl, ah, which if turned into a boy, we would certainly say three of four, grandmother touches all right, but how do you do in school ah, ah you see how small the students." "Yes ah, yes ah, you do not total more than the ah. " "What heard. Knicks grey jerseys " I direct export." I carefully to what you just saw the child's place looked really nothing he shook his head, thinking, seeing things may be true. Knicks jerseys alternate

" "That is right, aunt, where I would dislike it." "Come on, Mom, hurry, home, etc." "Then my house lights had been flashing, my dad said, Mom you come back you do not want to scare us ah, your grandson scared, and then I like a light house, you do not say scary." His mouth gets a trace of smile, the body sideways by "how you look with this black monkey seems to have also wanted me to practice? Come ah, do not say I bullied child on the line." "I went to the yard. Knicks home jerseys Adults, then maybe some time I do not know, but my heart is clearly my parents do not like me, to grow so big, my mother gave me a total of three times on the back, I still remember the first back to see her when grandmother positive from playing outside I find a home, and then a look of happy pointing yard young woman said, "Jiao Long ah, it is your mother, you fast Jiaoma!" Of course, I was told, because I do not think I called the grandmother will be sad for me, my mother was called, but not close to him, and even told me that promise dollars, Jiao Long, your mother is not because you girls do not like you, ah, I want to listen to my mom, your grandmother grandchildren.