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"Old woman, you really want to take a look to the provincial capital Jiao Long ah, you all right so far." Oh, I cry, Xu led the dollar to go in the yard, and she looked at me kinda curious, "Jiao Long, what divination ah." Grandmother went around me, hugged my hand, "all right, ah, all right, Jiao Long ah, ah grandmother tell you, no matter how fierce ghost, it is also afraid of the so-called one-third of ghosts, ghosts terrifying seven, the next time you see these things, you do not be afraid, you just shout at them, you do not go curse he spat stars, they see you are not afraid, do not dare to scare you, ah. " "That is right, aunt, where I would dislike it. "Mom! Your grandson you do not read ah. Kings jerseys for babies When I stumbled woke up and found my clothes had been off grandmother, who also cover the quilt, the room was dark, the night has been deep, I would like to turn over and go back to sleep, but heard grandma with grandpa whispered positive to say these words." Mind attend her sister, just look at his face anxious Zhuo Wei, "what are you dawdle home, Little King's breathing very weak ah." From the outset strange hospital, unlike the usual grandmother.

" I'm a little perplexed, seeing a lift to see him, he seems to be taboo behind the two of us, I slowly turned, and instantly took a breath, squatting behind the corner actually a person." But Xu dollars actually touched my back and whispered close to my ear, "Jiao Long, my mother seems to fall ill, you have to follow her, or else while she does not know what capable. Kings jerseys deals " Zhuo Wei looked at the "trouble you, ah, give me a good look granddaughter children, the disease may put it." Grandfather rushed, rushed to hold me up, the grandmother next to follow, then give me a hug put kang directly to me in the arms "Jiao Long ah, ah we are not afraid, we are not wrong ah. "Yes ah, I want to see people, see a doctor ah, because I'm a freak. Xu dollars with red eyes immediately looked at me, "Jiao Long, so I was busy working I'll find you." Grandmother face some heavy, and shook his head, "all right, he can not tell.

" Grandpa some stuck directly to see Grandma, "the old woman, you speak with the children. Kings jerseys for girls Grandma looked at him and sighed, "just children ah, aunt today put words to leave you this, if you still go on like this, certainly on the loose in your home, and if good, perhaps you can a wife . I followed the grandmother had left the house, her husband Tracy welcome out, "aunt, you quickly go to see it." Soul sister nodded, and then directly shut the door, I waited a few moments before he crept walked over, put my face to the door. Kings jerseys finals Grandma lit a cigarette, half amused quiet standing on the river bank, the body seems to be manipulation in general, mechanical turn, then took a few steps in one direction, and then opened his eyes, looked at me, "Jiao Long, you come!" I froze for a moment, or ran next to her grandmother, she looked somewhat stern face, opened his mouth, "basking, this is how you are." Mind aunt out of the office, looked at the unicorn steps Zhuo greeted "does not mean you two days to come and collect inspection report for you, how come today to See do you younger brother.