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"Mom, or you go out of it, this house is an adult, the child is not scared. " I thought my mother would agree with it, I see her as I simply do not wait to see her grandmother, who knew that she was directly stuck his head out, looking at grandma mouth, "You do not go the line, do not say that my mother let you go yet , the line, you will come to let you chant. Because along the way has been thinking about things, and so they recovered when the grandmother has given me to the river, I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother "doing here ah. Behind grandmother's voice still sounded grandmother, she looked at the mother is saying "Huijuan, ye have the face you crying, I tell you, probably gave birth to such a thing because you get this feudal superstition mom, you know this is not retribution, our family can pour blood and broken up, three generations of a single pass ah, I tell you ah, three generations of a single pass, if you do not give birth to a son, you do not move along at home Men! " ." "That's how to do ah, after that a child on their own people, ah. "It's only a temporary solution approach, now led me up the hill, with a few people holding a guy thing to look at your father's tomb on the ground, he was naughty. kids redskins jerseys cheap " "Yeah, a man can break ." His laughing eyes like a crescent same bent.

" I Enliaoyisheng, wiped sweat head of the "children of the dream. Xu dollars with red eyes immediately looked at me, "Jiao Long, so I was busy working I'll find you. kids red new york giants jerseys " "Grandma and grandpa to eat not spoil you!" I'm a little anxious. Then, Zhuo scene began to shout out, "pain! Pain !! hurt !!!" "Does it hurt you to come out ah! I dare to head tinkling se! I beat to death you! Get out!" Grandma shouted loudly, than what about playing hard, I looked at the grandmother's face as hard, forehead We are out of the sweat on big stars. That all of a sudden, the father and mother have the heart to her grandmother Yun Aunt are looking to the grandmother, grandmother face some fat ignorant, he pointed to his "My thing?" Then, from the house to pull out." I direct export. Xu nodded dollars, "she told me do not be afraid to let me, let me say the following to go along with her .

Soul sister suddenly a little embarrassed, watching her grandmother, "aunt, in fact, is to give my boyfriend Jojo doctor doctor, tomorrow you see will know, his family condition is very good, he gave me the car is bought. kids ravens jerseys cheap I was hiding in the side, and now she is no matter what the expression, I have a kind of weird feeling indescribable. And, most importantly, how I'll have to do before going to sleep, I looked across the bed stand grandmother, opened his mouth, "basking in this life I do not leave you. kids ravens jerseys " Grandmother did not speak directly to thinking about what seems to sit on the bed. I just do not go out at night at home, the only taboo, I also know that my grandmother is afraid Zhuangxie, after all those things the old body would meet fortunes affect. No other crashed grandmother, father directly next to the opening, "Jojo, going to the toilet ah, there is the house, the yard there, you're in the house on the right.