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" Zhuo Wei, then let me eyes wide open, so that I can be a boy '! "But you said she was a girl when it is appropriate, Zhuo doctors ah, these words can not let Jiao Long heard ah, let her when the girl now, we have been raised as a girl, the boy suddenly became , to see how people around, ah, this account can not change ah! "grandma little anxious. The doctor asked to see what does not come out, and had to go accommodating the evening I climbed kang, to remember that a child's thing, really want grandma to talk over, but the eyelids began to fight, no other mouth, directly to sleep in the past. kids broncos tebow jerseys " I handed over the wicker, looking toward grandmother Zhuo scene directly pumped up the pumping her, scared soul sister screamed, "aunt! What are you doing!" Shouted the front would "not be so playing small King ah! " Zhuowei Shu-t instead took her hand "should be all right, I do know these aunt. kids Blues jersey "But the big Ah ye not see it." "I asked this disease, yet expensive, you first Chuaizhuo it, when to eat stay with it, the difference between how much money, I give Jojo sister to the phone, Mom, thank you, Jojo this fact, how can I use your . kids Bruins jersey " "Oh, well, if . kids brisbane broncos jerseys

" Grandma laughed "Well, go upstairs, we wait for you to come to dinner sister ah. Before I open it, lift 'bang when' soon, actually stopped." Grandma can not believe my father looked "Really?" "I lie to you what ah, my mom were thrilled, so many years have been looking forward to grandchildren, can be regarded as her . The next morning, the grandmother went to Xu dollars home, I followed the grandmother, Xu Gang was still at home to drink it, grandmother entered the room they saw Xu dollars thin body in the stove to cook there, I looked at she is afraid of her that way again planted pot stew. "Well, I'm afraid she ah, she was alive I was not afraid of her, I am more afraid of death, anyway, I do not owe her!" Fengxia getting more and more exciting, and the sound is also getting bigger and bigger.

So there was a time, we seem like sisters tired together every day, I took her up the mountain, to find that a child, but had never found it very strange that." Then, grandfather paused, my eyes closed, but the feeling is the grandfather looked back at me, and I fell asleep before continuing to determine the open road. When I opened my eyes again, I've been lying on the kang home, with grandma grandpa was sitting looking at me, his mouth straight saying "all right, all right, and woke up all right. " Grandma nodded, hand patted the shoulders of the soul sister "spiritual ah, mind you this, aunt understand, but you do not fit the city people Jiao Long, first, the physical aspects of her I will not say, secondly, she is a wild girl, maybe at all times to follow the doctor's nephew Cho fight . "Old woman, so you can bring it to the provincial capital Jiao Long, domesticated a few days." Grandma then looked down at his clothes, and looked to me, embarrassed smile "is not wearing a look that is the village down, which I deliberately usually reluctant to wear clothes to wear to it, but also there dragon Jiao, Jiao Long, this is new.