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" "That's how to do ah, after that a child on their own people, ah. "Jiao Long, you all right. Then, kang Fengxia actually sat upright, then opened his eyes, stare seemed as big bells, looked at first glance grandmother some fear and some boldly shouted, "Old Woman horse! Do not nosy! this is my family !! " 'Fengxia' said, pointing to himself, "I was alive when she told me unfilial! I died she took me something, I make her comfortable yet!" Lengheng grandmother cry." I was already silly, eyes enough to see, I felt on TV where no such luxury, golden everywhere, and my heart still thinking about so many lights, the city people are really afraid of the costs of electricity ah. kansas city chiefs nfl jerseys " To be honest, soul sister gave me a very different feeling, I pulled her supple hands, raised his face and looked at her face in profile when she suddenly had a kind, if my mother is like a small mind. kansas city chiefs new jerseys I was a kid overheard chatting with grandma grandpa, they are to talk to me, my grandma told Grandpa said, "You can not look down upon our granddaughter this child, he was sent to God, only a number of years, the yin and yang, than the average person not ah! " I do not know what time the yin and yang, hid continue eavesdropping outside the door.

Zhuo given suites, six hundred eighty-eight. He'd stand up straight, I walked in front of her grandmother, and looked at me, "it is this child. "I understand what you mean, you want to add pro-pro?" Soul sister face some subtle, but still nod "I test out, and I know how hard, in fact, I was in the hospital practice, no one at home, are they not qualified to stay in hospital, but for love Zhuo Wei I, perhaps, I can not help what busy at home, aunt, I think you will understand, I have been home for good. kansas city chiefs nike elite jerseys " Grandma looked at her stomach and also quite surprised, put down the eggs look of concern and asked outlet ." "Yeah, a man can break .

" Carter, crying baby cough twice, started out of his mouth spits, spits the father anxious and tried to will hold the child "OK, ah go to the hospital to allow doctors to see this morning how a discharge back on the case yet. "I am for your parents hit you, they do not receive proper education alive when you and I for their education! I tell you, in that nonsense again I saw you play once you unawares something !!" Grandma also angry, staring eyes snapped three lame talking. Or children suddenly appeared to drink the snake run, strange to say, children just stare a snake, shouted out, get out! The snake yo left, so, gradually, when I used to see him all right to play." I do not understand the meaning grandmother, I looked at her, "basking you in the end how, you just scared me." I nodded, "basking, I'm hungry." Soul sister hand touched my head, "I like Jojo, although this is the first time I saw her, but I always knew she was, before I think this poor child, my sister's children you know it, Angel, the Bi Qiaoqiao one year younger, I saw Angie, I think Jojo, alas, but I think Jojo told me very pro, I love this child, all these years, really hard you are old a.