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" Grandma can not help looking at the soul sister outlet said. " "Oh." Before I looked up, I heard Xu brother dollars milk and milk sound gas opening behind me "Grandma came back. He was not speaking grandmother, frowning on the side. Kansas City Royals jerseys cheap " Before then finished, legs straight knees on the ground, the body of a crooked, and fell down. "Three lame, you tiger ah, you give yourself labeled this ye bear like it!" Some of the villagers could not help looking at the three lame opening. Grandma was sitting on the kang, one eye swollen grandfather gave her back posted plaster, I put in front of ginseng to send a grandmother "Grandma, you eat, the children say, you eat this Jiuhaola! " "You heard him speak?" Grandma looked ginseng, looked at me and could not help asking. But I still hear at night when grandma with grandpa talking about, say Fengxia grievances too, has not gone in the water, certainly have arrested two people.

I Nazhen like six or seven, just as usual on the day of her house to play, when her grandmother died, just past the first seven, her bad relationship with her grandmother, with me and my grandma, because she Grandma is patriarchal, so her grandmother died when she did not cry. "Three lame, you give me let go !!!" Grandma with grandpa anxious voice is in my ears. "Old woman, so you can bring it to the provincial capital Jiao Long, domesticated a few days." "what?" Soul sister puzzled, looked at my father took a pair of chopsticks ran out. " "I do not. "I'm talking, uncontrollable crying stand up. I looked back at the soul sister also looked confused, her mouth Hanliaoliangsheng aunt, grandmother head without looking back to see they make up an "aunt, I went to the hotel at night to find you and take you to eat ah!" Zhuo King stood beside soul sister, I do not consciously look at him, he looked at me, brow Qingcu do not know what the thinking. Kansas City Royals home jerseys

" "Why ah. Grandma looked at me, "Jiao Long, you will be more powerful than her grandmother, you see these scared yet today. Kansas City Royals girls jerseys I bit his lips, has been silent tears, I really do not want to let the grandmother because I was angry, because I know my grandmother is a favorite person in the world. I frown, "What do you mean ah." "You know what, I have to go the day after tomorrow, you quietly it you . "Quickly go away! I let you come for me to see my birthday the day do not you let me die a natural death of hope! Your security is what the heart ah! Huijuan you out! See you mom, or before that virtue! look at me let you draw a line with her right! she will be in that swindling nonsense ah !! " Grandmother groaned loudly in the back, chest and call themselves violently thin bones got left a substantial body sway. "Mom! What are you doing! Jojo is a child!" Dad yelled again in the side. Three Crips brother with brother are more honest farmer, but both of them are quite powerful young married woman, with Feng-xia is Yipin, three lame sister heard that her family was a brother in another village stand sticks, and snakes is a bit mean, but they are such a pass, I have not seen.