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Arbitration is used routinely in insurance disputes such as international reinsurance disputes. It is also available for use in many other areas. Skilful and innovative insurers and lawyers recognise that, although a certain type of dispute may often be litigated, arbitration can sometimes be a more effective route.

Whether an insurance dispute is one that usually proceeds to arbitration Expedite Resolution can field arbitrators who, by virtue of their experience, can offer the requisite legal skills and a deep understanding of insurance related disputes. The quality of the outcome and the length (and therefore the cost) of the hearing will reflect these important matters. You can’t pick your judge, but the parties can chose an  arbitrator and it is common sense to opt for someone who has previously had a professional involvement in many similar types of claim or dispute.

Members of the  Expedite panel have good international and reinsurance experience. One Expedite neutral is a member of ARIAS (UK) the Insurance and Reinsurance Arbitration Society.