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Welcome to Expedite Resolution

We are a new mediation and dispute resolution service offering a flexible, fresh and non-formulaic approach to quicker and more cost effective claims settlement. Expedite Resolution has 12 highly independent, specialist mediators and arbitrators from the claims and insurance sectors working with individuals and organisations to settle difficult claims more quickly.

Market problems identifying suitable mediators

Expedite Resolution has developed its approach towards claims settlement in direct response to a genuine need within the claims arena for greater clarity on how and when effective mediation can bring about earlier settlement and minimise or eliminate exposure to risk. This need has been substantiated by independent research undertaken by C-MAS on our during Q4 2011, which identified the fact that, despite 70% of respondents having used mediation services, almost half (47%) experienced problems in identifying a suitable mediator. The research also highlighted a general lack of clarity around when effective mediation could support earlier resolution and on what cases it would be most effective.

Specialist mediators when you need them

Effective mediation can assist with and is a cost effective way to deal with difficult claims, disputes and litigation problems encountered by claimants, policyholders, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, adjusters and their lawyers. Our business model is all about having experienced, specialist mediators immediately available for difficult cases. The panellists’ understanding of the dynamics of the claims and insurance sector, as well as the claims process and its interface with litigation, shortens the length of each mediation. Earlier settlements for claimants reduces or eliminates exposure to risk and delivers a reduction in legal fees.

Right cases, right time

When used on the right cases and introduced at the right time, mediation puts the claimant and the insurer and their lawyers in control of the outcome of the claim. Mediation services are often introduced too late in the claim life cycle – when negotiations have irretrievably broken down and the case is destined to go to litigation. The experience of our panel members means that we can advise on the right cases to mediate and the right time to mediate. Our mediator’s specialist experience also eliminates the need to be ‘brought up to speed’ on the concepts and languages related to the claims environment. This means that our clients are freed up to concentrate on negotiation and settlement. We are committed to work independently and neutrally to achieve settlement at the most cost effective price and work scrupulously equally for those who bring and defend claims.