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Public Liability

Public liability claims are frequently complex involving:

  • multiple parties;
  • legal liability issues;
  • policy liability issues; and
  • quantum evaluation.

These disputes can be extremely costly to resolve through the traditional litigation process, with no guarantee of success at the end with the outcome dependent upon the views (correct or otherwise) of a judge.

Mediation, using insurance industry experienced Mediators from Expedite Resolution, offers a speedy, cost-effective, confidential and informal method of resolving these disputes, allowing the parties to remain in control of matters and to reach a commercial settlement reflecting the risks and uncertainty of litigation.

Lower value claims, where face-to-face mediations are viewed as too costly, can benefit from our telephone mediation service.

Particularly complex liability claims can also benefit from our unique tailored settlement service which we are pleased to discuss with you.

Contact us for further information or for a confidential discussion.