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employment dispute mediationDisputes in the Employment Tribunals can cost a lot even to the “winner”.

Employers do not just have unrecoverable legal costs to worry about. Tribunal cases involve hours of lost management time. A trial can mean lost production hours if staff are called as witnesses.

Confidential Mediation Settlements

At Expedite Resolution we offer you a way of resolving employment disputes quickly, cost effectively and – if you choose – confidentially. We can arrange mediation settlement meetings at short notice. One of our experienced claims mediators will help you and your opponent uncover a solution you can both agree to.

  • Employers benefit from reduced legal and management costs and avoid adverse publicity from a public Tribunal hearing.
  • Employees benefit from reduced legal costs and may obtain results a court could not award, such as a reference.
  • Both sides can reduce the risks, stress and aggravation associated with any trial hearing.

Is your case suitable for mediation?

Call us now on 0844 879 3166 and one of our mediators will give you an obligation-free assessment to see if mediation could be suitable for your claim.