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Credit Hire

Credite Hire dispute resolutionExpedite Resolution understands the Credit Hire business is about efficient resolution of claims – keeping costs to a minimum.

Although the vast majority of claims are resolved in this way unfortunately there are some where more complex disputes arise. We can help with:

One-off low value claims

The cost of a face to face mediation settlement meeting may be disproportionate to the amount in dispute. That is why we have developed an effective 2 hour telephone mediation service for just this type of claim.

Higher value individual claims

Mediation often works in even the most intractable claims. Our expert and experienced mediators help the parties uncover solutions so they can resolve these claims and prevent the further escalation of costs.

Tailored solutions

Do you multiple cases with the same issue all stalled because of the same disputed issue? We can design a dispute resolution process just for you. We offer fresh and innovative ways of helping you get on with your business. Just call us and tell us what the problem is – we’ll design the process – you can resolve the claims.