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Who can be the judge?

Contracting parties may decide that disputes arising between them under a contract should be dealt with by arbitration. Parties choose arbitration because they want their dispute to be decided in private by a person who has particular knowledge and/or experience of a particular subject matter. In the world of international commerce, where the parties willContinue Reading

Automatic referral to mediation to be introduced.

The Ministry of Justice has made its much anticipated response to the Solving disputes in the County Court consultation with the emphasis very much on streamlining and simplifying legal dispute procedures. Mediation is at the forefront. It is anticipated around 80,000 more small claims track cases will automatically be referred to mediation. The small claimsContinue Reading

Verbal contracts can be adjudicated

The provisions of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, which came into force on 1 May 1998, enabled disputes to be determined by an adjudicator for all construction contracts executed in writing. This Act has now been modified by the Local Democracy, Economic Development, and Construction Act 2009, enabling adjudication to be usedContinue Reading

Lanes Group PLC v Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd

Lanes Group PLC (“Lanes”) and Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd (“GTI”) have been involved in adjudicating, arbitrating and litigating a dispute which has dominated the construction legal press for over a year. The decision in Lanes Group PLC v Galliford Try Infrastructure Ltd deals with one important issue – whether or not a party who issuesContinue Reading

What survey reveals about finding suitable mediator

At Expedite Resolution we are committed to providing services that the market wants. So we commissioned market researches to ask solicitors, barristers, insurers, loss adjusters, brokers and corporates to tell us what they liked and loathed about the current mediation service offerings. 70% use mediation and achieved savings The survey showed that a high proportionContinue Reading

Welcome to Expedite Resolution

We are a new mediation and dispute resolution service offering a flexible, fresh and non-formulaic approach to quicker and more cost effective claims settlement. Expedite Resolution has 12 highly independent, specialist mediators and arbitrators from the claims and insurance sectors working with individuals and organisations to settle difficult claims more quickly. Market problems identifying suitableContinue Reading