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How to propose Mediation

Not only is mediation itself an extremely effective way of curtailing disputes and saving costs, but also the proposal to mediate can be an important strategic step if used correctly. The party that proposes the mediation no longer appears weak. More often than not gains some or all the following: They are seen as positiveContinue Reading

Mediation : Trade Secrets

Welcome to our series of tips and “how tos” about mediation. This series of posts has mediation hints and tips to help you get the best results for your clients, including: First questions about mediation When to consider mediating How to suggest mediation How to arrange a mediation How to select a mediator What toContinue Reading

Mediating reinsurance disputes

A typical reinsurance dispute may develop something like this: The Reinsured negotiates his reinsurance program for the coming year, considering the price, terms, coverage of the reinsurance contracts and the security of the proposed reinsurers. The broker prepares a cover note. The premium is paid, the contract wording is completed and agreed. Two years laterContinue Reading

Divorce can be painful.

Shepherd Construction Ltd v Pinsent Masons LLP is a salutary reminder to all that when relationships break down, the resulting mess can be very expensive to sort out. Shepherd and Masons had worked together for over 20 years before this dispute. Shepherd sustained losses whilst working on the Trinity Walk shopping centre when The Employer,Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Court fees hike increases cost of litigation

A consultation paper issued by the Ministry of Justice titled Fees in the High Court and Court of Appeal, closed on 7 February 2012. Government wants to abolish subsidy for litigation In essence, the Government has decided that the present method of Court funding whereby approximately 80% of the cost is borne by the partiesContinue Reading